The Jose Fabella Memorial School (JFMS) formerly known as Welfareville School was formally established on December 3, 1925 by the National Government by virtue of Republic Act No. 815 passed by the Philippine Legislature. The said law provided the creation of a school in the institution to take care, to educate, and to train orphans, defectives, delinquents, the aged, and the infirm.

The Jose Fabella Memorial School as it is popularly known today comprises a number of Units. They are as follows: Nayon ng Kabataan (NK), Bagong Sinag Special School (BSSS), Jose Fabella Center (JFC), Molave Youth Homes (MYH), DDB-EU-TRC, CRIBS Philippines, Special Learning Center (SLC), Department of Health Treatment Rehabilitation Center (DOH TRC), Elsie Gaches Village (EGV), National Training School for Girls (NTSG), HAVEN for Children, and National Training School for Boys (NTSB) in Tanay.

At present, with the creation of R.A. No. 9155 or the Governance of Basic Education Act of 2001 the school is now under the Supervision of the City Schools of Mandaluyong.

To see deeper what is happening in the school, JFMS school website was created with three primary purposes namely, provision of timely, engaging, and current information to your current parents, students, staff, and community; attract new students (through their parents or guardians); and recruit quality staff.

In this time of pandemic due to COVID-19, School-Based Management (SBM) is strengthened to improve education by allowing strong collaboration among parents, teachers, and other community members in the key decisions, so that effective learning environments for the learners is ensured. JFMS is bolstering capabilities to provide a one-stop-shop way of communication for teachers, parents and students such as: School information, School policy, Calendar of events, Extracurricular activities, Newsletters, Parent involvement, and Links.

Everyone is invited to see and discover the strength of Jose Fabella Memorial School as an institution in this school website.


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Inclusive Education in the K-12 Curriculum